Accreditations and Awards:


Studio 25 Architects ® takes pride in its RIBA Chartered Practice status, which confirms the excellent quality standards which our works achieve. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) champions better buildings as well as communities and the surrounding environment through insuring high quality standards for its members and chartered practices.


Our practice is headed by experienced ARB Registered staff, servicing the London area as well as the outskirts, dealing with various types of projects, including new buildings as well as domestic and commercial developments such as extensions, loft conversions, flat conversions, changes of use etc.  We excel in providing our clients with practical and cost efficient design solutions that reflect their aspirations, needs, values, ideas and cost. Read more …


As a result of our constant efforts to satisfy our customers, we take great pride in being listed as one of the Top 3 Architects in Waltham Forest by the independent body Three Best Rated ®.

This listing can be viewed at and we will strive to continue keeping this status in the coming years.


We stand for originality and therefore Studio 25 Architects ® is a Registered Trade Mark which is protected by the Intellectual Property Office in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and any misuse of its’ logo and trademarked content may be challenged through legal actions. The registration of the trademark can be viewed here.


portfolio_1400New homes developments and property/land development in general vary from simple to highly complex concepts and functionality, requiring a great deal of attention and planning ahead. Our experience in this domain is notable and we would be delighted to help you with your proposal in a professional and creative way.

loft conversionsEither through the construction of a dormer of just through simply converting the existing roof space into a habitable area, loft conversions are generally done to gain extra space as well as adding a new fresh feel to your property, both internally and externally.

extensions Extensions are an excellent way to increase the floor area of existing buildings and require a good deal of attention when it comes to maintaining a good balance between the existing, the proposed, as well as the character of the area. We would love to hear about your proposal and be of assistance to you with these projects.

Flat conversions also lead to a good increase in property value and revenue especially if combined with extensions and loft conversions. Our experience with flat conversions is also notable and our projects are compliant with the London Housing Guidance as well as the local policies, therefore insuring a good success rate when it comes to the required Planning Permissions.

Our services & quality standards

We strive to provide the best possible solutions for our clients as our aim is to have a good balanced development which is to be aesthetically, financially and practically convenient for you, as well as the local planning authority. We have a great track record in this field and we intend to maintain it.